New ISO technical specification to green civil engineering works

Civil works for roads, bridges, canals, dams, large buildings, industrial plants or campuses have significant environmental, economic and social impacts – the three pillars of sustainable development – and the players involved need to develop strategies to address these sustainability challenges. This has now been achieved with ISO/TS 21929-2, Sustainability in building construction – Sustainability indicators – Part 2: Framework for the development of indicators for civil engineering works, which establishes a core list of aspects and impacts for assessing the sustainability performance of civil engineering works.

The new technical specification:

  • Adapts general sustainability principles for civil engineering works
  • Includes a framework for developing sustainability indicators for use in assessing the economic, environmental and social impacts of civil engineering works
  • Establishes a core set of aspects and impacts, which should be taken into account when developing systems of indicators for civil engineering works

These aspects and impacts serve as a basis for developing indicators to assess the sustainability performance of new or existing civil engineering works, taking into account their design, construction, operation, maintenance, refurbishment and end of life.

Source: civil + structural ENGINEER

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