New research finds five different types of prostate cancer

New research has revealed that five different types of prostate cancer exist. How will this discovery change the outlook of prostate cancer screening? World renowned robotic prostate cancer surgeon, Dr. David Samadi, evaluates.

Researchers analyzed 259 men with prostate cancer. Among the group of participants, 482 tumor, benign and germline samples were looked at. The researchers analyzed the samples and looked for genetic differences that made it so the researchers could categorize the study participants into groups regarding targeted treatments specific to their prostate cancer.

What they found was more than minimal differences among the tumors. They concluded that five different types of prostate cancer were found based on 100 genes. These genes demonstrated the risk of the disease progression, which was more accurate than the currently used Gleason score test and PSA test.

Prior research had shown six of the genes were linked to prostate cancer, however researchers noted in the published study that it turns out the other 94 genes had not been associated with prostate cancer until now.

Source: News-Medical.Net

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