日前,随新加坡浙商协会青年企业家代表团赴中国考察的新加坡环宇科技出版社社长蔡强,在北京接受媒体采访时表示,近年来新加坡环宇科技出版社重点推出《急诊医学研究进展》、《世界建筑》等十大学术期刊,致力于国际学术的交流与传播,着力构建国际学术期刊方阵。 据介绍,新加坡环宇科技出版社创办于2011年,是一家经新加坡政府批准成立的专业从事期刊和图书编辑出版的机构。六年来,环宇科技出版社专注于国际性学术期刊(英文版)的编辑与出版,重点推出了《急诊医学研究进展》、《国际护理》、《城市交通与建筑》、《世界建筑》、《电子科学技术与应用》、《地球科学进展》、《材料科学进展》、《现代管理论坛》、《金融与市场》、《高等教育进展》等十大学术期刊,聘请了30余位国际顶尖的学界专家出任主编、副主编,400多位来自世界各地的各领域专家、学者担任学术期刊编委和审稿人,并与欧亚学术联盟、美国学术联盟协会、美国加州城市联合大学等学术机构及社团建立了长期战略合作关系。 目前,新加坡环宇科技出版社已在中国、美国、马来西亚、台湾、香港等国家和地区设立了办事处。出版社重点推出的十大学术期刊已引起全球学术界的关注,所发表的学术文章被中国知网(CNKI)全部收录。蔡强社长说,在未来三到五年时间里,环宇科技出版社将努力加强国际学术期刊编审团队建设,积极与国际顶级专家学者开展广泛而深入的合作,不断拓宽期刊所涉及的学科范围,逐步打造环宇国际学术期刊方阵。(于雪晶) 来源:搜狐

US, Russia can’t even agree on astronaut pee

It’s been a rough year for the people who keep the International Space Station (ISS) working. In June, Space X’s Falcon 9 rocket disintegrated less than three minutes after its launch, from Cape Canaveral, Fla., sending a cargo capsule plummeting into the Atlantic Ocean. The failure followed the October 2014 explosion of an Orbital Sciences […]

New ISO technical specification to green civil engineering works

Civil works for roads, bridges, canals, dams, large buildings, industrial plants or campuses have significant environmental, economic and social impacts – the three pillars of sustainable development – and the players involved need to develop strategies to address these sustainability challenges. This has now been achieved with ISO/TS 21929-2, Sustainability in building construction – Sustainability […]

Hundred-fold improvement in temperature mapping reveals the stresses inside tiny transistors

Used in everything from cell phones to supercomputers, modern microelectronic circuits contain billions of nanometer-scale transistors, each generating tiny amounts of heat that collectively can compromise the performance of the device. Seeing where the heat is generated provides valuable information for circuit designers to probe where failures are occurring and to realize the next generation […]

Vitamin D Supplements Could Help Reduce Falls in Homebound Elderly

Every year falls affect approximately one in three older adults living at home, with approximately one in 10 falls resulting in serious injury. Even if an injury does not occur, the fear of falling can lead to reduced activity and a loss of independence. Research has shown that vitamin D plays a key role in […]

New research finds five different types of prostate cancer

New research has revealed that five different types of prostate cancer exist. How will this discovery change the outlook of prostate cancer screening? World renowned robotic prostate cancer surgeon, Dr. David Samadi, evaluates. Researchers analyzed 259 men with prostate cancer. Among the group of participants, 482 tumor, benign and germline samples were looked at. The […]